Frequently Asked Questions

How do we paint aluminum and vinyl siding?  Watch our crew in action in this video!

Here are some more of the most common questions we get:


Can aluminum or vinyl siding really be re-painted?

Absolutely they can!  Like any painting project, the preparation work is very important. 


We power wash the siding a few days before the painting to remove dirt and old 'powdered' paint.


We only use paints that are formulated for use on aluminum or vinyl siding.


Can I change the colour of my siding?

Yes you can, to any colour you like if you have aluminum, wood, stucco, or brick.


Vinyl siding can not be painted in extremely dark colours as it may cause the siding to warp.  Even with special paints to prevent this, the darkest of colours can still be problematic.  But the vast majority of colours, even dark ones, are still available for vinyl siding.

At We Paint Siding we've never had a case of warped siding.  We've now have a growing number of clients deciding to paint their siding darker as part of personalizing their home.


What kind of paint do you use?
We use a few different high-end products from different brands, depending on location and perhaps the source of a referral. 
We only use outstanding products that are formulated for siding painting.  If you have a specific preference for product, we will be happy to either use it or (if appropriate) advise against it for the proper reasons. 
Our favourite paints are a couple of different premium products that offer 'early shower resistance', meaning that they can handle rainfall within 30 minutes of application!


How long will the job last?  Will it peel?

Some of our earliest jobs date back over 15 years and they have not peeled and still look very good. 


Re-paints on aluminum and vinyl will last much longer than on wood.  Wood will typically last 7-10+ years depending on a lot of factors. 


The paint job on aluminum or vinyl siding will never peel, but over time will become powdery or chalky.  This process takes 15-30 years depending mostly on exposure to sun and rain.


Of course the cleaning, preparation, process, and products employed are all critical and many DIYers and painters make mistakes that cause the paint to peel.  


And be warned that peeling paint on a smooth surface like aluminum or vinyl is nearly impossible to fix, essentially requiring full replacement of the siding.  That's why it's best to hire specialists for this type of job and it's why we do what we do.


What about over-spray?

We are very careful to mask and cover all areas that will not be painted.  This includes using paper, plastic and tape to protect windows, doors, brick, etc. 


We also extensively cover gardens, patios, driveways, railings, lamps, roof, etc. with drop cloths or plastic. 


We ensure that all cars are parked on the street while we do the spraying. 


Metal or cardboard spray shields are used when spraying as an extra precaution to block most of the over-spray. 


Finally, we are careful to choose a good day that is not too windy to complete the spraying.  The bulk of the work for our paint jobs is actually in preparation, masking, and removing the masking, all of which can be done on windier days if necessary. 


Once masked, we will have a large enough crew present to get the actual painting done all in one good day in many cases.


Is it expensive? And do you offer Payment plans?

The short answer:  It is not expensive, and yes we offer payment plans!

We offer a specialized and high-quality service, and our prices are reflective of the amount of work and expertise necessary to do each job.  We provide firm upfront quotes and do not collect deposits on most small to medium jobs, so you don't pay a penny until the job has been completed!

Most clients find our prices fair or lower than they expected.  We've had many customers say they're 'just getting a price' or 'thinking about doing it next year', only to book the job within days of getting the quote. 

To prepare and paint the siding only on a modest bungalow or two story home (brick bottom, siding on top) typically costs about $2200 plus tax or only $14 bi-weekly through our incredible financing provider.  A larger house where we paint siding, eavestroughs, soffits, doors, etc., all with colour changes, can cost well over $5000.  These prices would include all labour and paint necessary.

See our Financing page to get more information on payment plans.  

As a general rule repainting is 1/4 the cost of replacing any combination of siding, soffits, eavestroughs, fascia, etc.


Besides the significant savings, some advantages of repainting are: 


  • Huge choice of colour schemes for complete personalization of your home

  • A simple, hassle-free process.  Repainting takes only a day for our crew on many homes

  • If you have aluminum siding, it looks fantastic repainted.  Changing to vinyl is replacing a metal material with a plastic one which most people agree looks cheaper and is of lower quality.  And this usually costs you 3 times more than repainting your existing aluminum

  • We can get all of your other exterior painting needs done at the same time, again saving you hassle.  We'll hand paint your window trims, doors, etc. all at the same time.  You don't have to call the siding guy AND the painter.  Just call the painter!

  • We believe that repainted aluminum actually holds its finish and colour longer than brand-new vinyl siding.  You can look around and see 10-15 year old vinyl siding already looking faded and drab.  Our 10 year old paint jobs still look stellar



I need exterior painting/staining, but there's no siding...

Please fill out our contact form.  We may be able to apply our expertise your job, or we can refer you to another trusted painter who can do the job for you!


What about wood siding and trim?

Yes we also paint wood siding and trim.  This would include the necessary surface preparation of scraping, sanding, filling, caulking, and priming.


Do you guys do interior painting?



We do interior painting throughout the winter months.  Check out for information on our interior painting services. 


If you can't wait until winter, we may still be able to fit you in, or we would be happy to refer you to one of a few excellent interior painters that we partner with.


Where are you located?

We're based out of the Halton region and Hamilton and we service:

  • Oakville

  • Milton / Campbellville

  • Burlington

  • Georgetown / Acton

  • Erin / Caledon

  • Etobicoke

  • York

  • Vaughan / Richmond Hill / Markham

  • Orangeville

  • Guelph

  • Cambridge

  • Kitchener / Waterloo

  • Brampton

  • Mississauga

  • Hamilton

  • Stoney Creek / Grimsby

  • St. Catharines / Niagara

  • Brantford

Sorry, we do not do jobs in cottage country anymore.  But we can refer to another painter for those areas.


Are you insured?

Yes. all of our workers are covered under WSIB and we also have commercial liability coverage, including for spray-painting operations.